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hand him” I ventured. The jus▓tice, striving to appear at ease in a pompo●us dignity that was as much too large for him ●as the enormous blue and white tu▓rban that bellied out above his thin face lik●e an un-reefed mainsail in a stiff breeze, cho●se a ledger from the desk and turned over the l●eaves. “Ah, here it is,” he exclai▓med, pointing out an entry; “Richard ●Haywood, Englishman.Charge, assault.Found i

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Collect from 鍏嶈垂妯℃澘

r▓e were several buildings of judicial aspect sc▓attered over the grea

n● his possession, four annas, thr●ee pice, one pocketknife, one pipe, three cigar●ettes, two buttons.” They w●ere nothing if not exact, but they ha▓d overlooked one of the uses of the bands on p▓ith helmets.“Plea, guilty.Se

ntence, five ru●pees fine.Prisoner alleging▓ indigence, sentence was changed to one▓ week in the Presidency jail.” “Suppose I ▓pay his fine” I asked.“Will he be relea▓sed at once” “Yes, but the case has passed▓ out o

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    f my jurisdiction.You mus▓t pay it to the warden.” No so●journer in

    Madras nee

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    d make inquiry f▓or the great white building tha▓t houses her felons.I reach

    ed it in

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    time to fi▓nd the massive gate still unlocked and gai●ned admitta

    nce to the w

t campus, ▓but they

Our Plans

Plan 1

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arden’s office.▓ He denied my request for an interview wi▓th Haywood, however, on the ▓ground that pri

Plan 2

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soners for so brief a period w●ere not allowed visitors.I opened my mouth ●to mention the fine, then st▓o

Plan 3

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pped.Perhaps the New Yorker had some secr●et reason for choosing to swelter seven days in ▓an Indian pri

were clos ed for the night.▓The door of a hut, such as servants dw▓ell i

son.If he was an▓xious to be free, he had only to take▓ down his hat and, like the magic●ian, produce from it the money ▓that would

n, stood a jar, and I entered.A high-cast●e native was gathering together

set him at libert●y.I resolved to run no risk of up▓setting subtle plans, and turn▓ed back into the city. Two days later, t●he broker confided to me the s●ad news that I 315had been 〃埌spotte

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d.” Marten, who had joined me in t●he grove lodging, the night before, proposed ●to apply at once to the secretar●y of the Friend-in-Need Socie▓ty for a ticket northward.Eager to investig▓ate the Ho

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